For Dentists and Other Professionals

Dentists and other professionals have been using balloon animals as an effective patient management tool for years. Your investment in time and money will be minimal. Only fifty dollars will buy you a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And you can learn one new balloon sculpture a month – but I guarantee you’ll want to learn more! This session will teach you several animals and hats. Most importantly, you will learn how to present your creations to make them memorable. The minimum length is two hours, but three is preferred. Multiple sessions are even more productive. Inflated balloons will be provided for all workshop participants. Kits with balloons, a pump and instruction books are available for purchase or can be provided for each attendee.

For Teenagers

Teenagers Twisting BalloonsAn entrepreneurial teenager can earn in one hour of balloon twisting what their peers can earn in a week of bagging groceries at the supermarket. This seminar covers supplies, techniques, presentation, appearance, and backroom operations like marketing, insurance, and good business practices. As an added bonus, an accomplished balloon twister can be the coolest kid in school! Minimum is three two hour sessions.

Seniors and Children of All Ages

Children of all ages love making balloon animals. And what grandparent would not like to make some clever balloon animals. This program is suitable for after school programs, summer camps, senior centers etc.

Corporate Sales Meetings

Would you like to have some productive break time at your sales meeting? Would you like your staff to really get to know each other? Nothing breaks down barriers between people like putting a balloon hat on the person sitting next to you! Minimum time – 1 hour.

Balloon fruit basket
Teaching kids to twist balloons