Corporate Events

Bruce the Master Balloon Twister

Bruce the Master Balloon Twister

Bruce and his crew understand the needs of the Corporate Client. You want to deal with one person who will be able to provide all of your entertainment needs. You need professional performers who will be:

  • Punctual
  • Professionally dressed
  • Respectful
  • Engaging

Punctuality: The artist will start a few minutes before the scheduled start time, and will continue till the posted end time or a few minutes after.

Our performers will all be dressed professionally: No jeans or torn clothing (unless as part of a clearly recognizable costume). We will not be smoking or chewing gum. You will have the option of costume type for each performer.  They will be easy to work with.

We will meet your accounting and insurance needs. We will provide a professional invoice. EVERY PERFORMER WILL BE FULLY INSURED. You will receive a general or named certificate of insurance if required.

Our performers will fully engage children of all ages at your event with:

  • Fabulously painted faces
  • Balloon sculptures to suit your every whim
  • Giant bubbles that will carry you away to a magical land!

Bruce’s Fun Company can handle any size corporate event: Our specialties are balloons, bubbles, and face painting, but we also work with clowns, jugglers, magicians, henna artists, hula hoop dancers, stilt walkers, and novelty performers of every variety.

Our Corporate Clients Include:

  • Amica Insurance
  • Bob’s Furniture Stores
  • Polcari’s Restaurant
  • Regina Pizzeria
  • Harvard University
  • and many more

What is the right event for your company and employees?

The baseball game is fun, but there is little socializing beyond with the people sitting next to you. The amusement park is a blast for kids, but they would have the same time on their own. Make your affair unique. Host a holiday party, or a summer outing, in your office space, on your grounds, or at a facility. Our artists will be the perfect complement – because we facilitate interchange between all guests.

The benefits of a family oriented corporate event extend far beyond the three hours it might last. You will foster communication between families as their children share good times together. And you will increase your employee retention.

Corporate Balloon Twisting
More Corporte Balloon Twisting

Balloon Twisting for the Corporate Client

Balloon Twisting for the Corporate ClientOur balloon artists pride themselves on entertaining your guests as well as creating amazing sculptures. They will create almost anything that your guests can dream up – animals, hats, wearable costumes, whimsical designs. The complexity of the creations will depend on the number of guests. A balloon artist can service up to 30 guests per hour. We understand that the true value of balloon entertainment is the interchange between guest and artist. We can work faster, but there will be less entertainment value.The color palette can be customized to match your company colors. We can custom design a small balloon sculpture representing your logo, product, or service.

We can prepare a number of sculptures to match the theme of your event. We do not make realistic looking weapons. With your permission, we will make balloon swords, but we will not let any young gentlemen get out of control.

The artist will interact with all the children who are waiting. There will be joke telling, storytelling, and interactions of all sorts. Parents will be involved.

What the Balloon Artist Needs

The balloon artist needs very little setup – just a small table and shade on a hot summer day. (We can provide our own shade.)

Balloon sculptures are a perfect activity for a corporate retreat. Nothing breaks down barriers between employees like making balloon hats for each other!

Bubbles for the Corporate Client

bubbles-corporateThere are two ways to enjoy bubbles: the Bubble Zone and the Bubble Stage Show. Either one can be enhanced by Bubble Gift Packages for every attendee. Please inquire for details.

The Bubble Zone

The Bubble Zone is outdoor hands on bubble fun! Your guests will create the largest bubbles they have ever seen – as big as five feet across! Other guests far and wide will ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Ah!’ at the floating spheriods! There are big wands for the bigger kids, and small wands for the little ones.  Our bubble artists craft most of our wands in our  bubblery.  Some of them will make you laugh before you even see a bubble. Bubble solutions are tailored to the day’s weather conditions. Our first goal with bubbles is safety – for your guests and for the environment. Our system has been carefully designed to keep all surfaces clean. There will be little or no bubble solution left behind on surfaces. And protective tarps will be changed as needed to keep the area slip-free. Any leftover solution will be bottled, removed from the site, and disposed of properly. No solution will be poured down the sewer drain or onto the ground.

Four or five guests can participate at the same time. If several people are waiting, the bubble artist will simply announce that it’s time to hand over the wands. As many as 100 people can take turns in one hour. Usually, a few kids are entranced and will bubble for much of the day. Then, as the initial burst of activity eases up, adults will sneak in and want to bubble too.

The Bubble Stage Show

The Bubble Stage Show features bouncing bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, the square bubble and other bubble tricks. The highlight of the show is the KIB – the Kid in a Bubble. If the audience is small, every child will have the opportunity to have his or her picture taken inside a giant bubble. If the audience is large, then one child will be chosen. Other children will be called on to participate. And here’s the Bubble Rule – If a bubbles bursts over your child’s head, and he or she is completely drizzled in bubble juice, that child does not have to take a bath tonight!

Face Painting for the Corporate Client

Corporate Face PaintingOur Face Painters can paint full face cats, dogs, tigers and more. As with balloons, the complexity of the designs will be adjusted to accommodate the crowd. When there are many children, the face painter will paint a maximum of 40 small cheek art designs in one hour. Many designs will feature jewels and glitter. You might even see a feather in your hair!

Guests will have the option of choosing from a menu or requesting a custom design. All paints are ANSI approved and hypo-allergenic.

Wholesome Family Entertainment
Balloon sculptures to suit your every whim

Fabulously painted

Giant bubbles that will carry you away to a magical land