Balloon Twisting

Lions and tigers and bears OH MY! Not to mention cats and bats (that’s baseball bats and Halloween bats!), dogs and frogs, gooses and mooses and countless others.

Balloons are enchanting – a tube of latex is twisted into something that almost seems alive. Our balloon animals will evoke a myriad of emotions – laughter, amazement, wonder, awe, and everything in between.

Your choice of a balloon sculpture is limited only by your imagination:

  • Animals of every sort
  • Custom made hats to match any theme
  • Monsters
  • Fantasy Creatures
  • Your challenge

If you don’t have a good challenge for the twister, you will be challenged with the Balloon Puzzle. Can you be the first to solve it?

Keep your cameras ready. You will have many opportunities to take pictures that will enrich your lives forever. And make sure you catch the Penguin Parade on video – all the children, and several adults will waddle around the venue like penguins – and they’ll be laughing about it too!

If your event is a birthday party, Bruce and his team of twisters can design a special balloon to match the guest of honor’s interests. We will always honor your requests about swords and other weapons. And the last balloon can be a halo for the Birthday Mom for hosting such a fun party!

We understand that our job is really to make your kids look cute – and we are very good at that!

And here’s another challenge for you – figure out what the only thing is that Bruce cannot make from balloons. No one has got it yet!

Our balloon twisters will always be 100% professional. You will be offered the choice of several costumes. We will start on time, and continue for the full hour or agreed upon length. No one will chew gum, smoke, or use improper language.

Balloon twisting in the park
Waiter with balloon hat