Can you imagine anything more magical than a giant bubble? Watch the breeze squeeze it and stretch it as it floats away. See all the colors of the rainbow on its surface. Look through it and it almost disappears. Bubbles are beautiful!

Bubbles work two ways for the home birthday party. If we’re indoors, Bruce will present theBubble Magic Show. You might see:

  • The Bubble Caterpillar
  • The Spinning Disco Ball Bubble
  • Bubbles Inside Bubbles
  • Big Bubbles
  • Small Bubbles
  • Smoke Filled Bubbles
  • The Square Bubble
  • Bouncing Bubbles
  • The Donut Bubble

Finally, you will see the birthday child inside a giant bubble.  And all of the little ones will get the chance.  And one adult has to get in there too – don’t be shy –it might be you!
And you’ll be laughing along the way.

If we’re outdoors, get ready for The Bubble Zone. This is hands on bubble fun! There are small wands that you might have played with as a child. There are medium sized bubble wands. And there are wands that you won’t even recognize as wands that make the biggest bubbles you have ever seen! Most of our wands our made in our own bubble workshop. Some of them will make you laugh before you even see a bubble. And adults will get in their quality bubble time too. Bubble solutions are mixed in house and are customized for the day’s wind and humidity conditions.

Bubbles are enchanting, even hypnotic. Watch the wind carry one off to a magical place, maybe t o the Land of Oz – you won’t know because you won’t be able to see how far some of them go!


Boy in a bubble
Girl in a bubble